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Stay Healthy Routine I do each day

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  1)  Everyday before bed I have 2  10lb dumbells that I swing over my head in an upward motion.  Even though I only do this for 3 minutes,  it gets the heart rate pumping and I feel much more powerful

2) I make an overnight oatmeal.  I take a cup of oatmeal,  put in in a jar with milk, berries, rasberry and blueberries,   and stick it in the fridge.   NExt morning it is delicious.

3) I exercise my knees while watching TV.   Just squat down for 5 minutes,   then up and back down for 10 reps

4)  I have a inversion sled,   and hang form that for a couple of minutes.   Feels really good ,  like doing Yoga for 30 minutes all in 2 minutes.  I wish I would do this more

5) I take a resveratrol pill in the morning and at night before going to bed


This is my general routine,    of cousre try to eat resonably healty too,   What do you thin>

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