Why are young kids getting Colon Cancer?

5/2/0/2018 The Mystery Solved imo....Why are young kids getting Colon Cancer?

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Rising Rates of Colon Cancer in Young People

Heather’s death is part of a concerning trend: More young adults are being diagnosed with colorectal cancer, and more are dying.

Because getting tested is key to prevention, the American Cancer Society is expected to release updated screening guidelines in 2018. 


Answer:  Imo I think this young Colon Cancer trend will continue,  more and more kids around 30 years old will get Colon cancer.  Why?  It is directly because of the internet age where kids sit directly on their butts and play video games, or social media / web surfing for long, long,  continous hours every day. This constant stress of sitting on their hind region is causing Colon Cancer rates to skyrocket for millenials.   It will only get worse until there is a PR coampaign to alert the millenials  






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