YayaHealth Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What exactly is Health Porn? Answer: YayaHealth.com defines "Health Porn" as sharing all the ugly, nasty, gory details of your health injury or procedure. Health Porn is rated PG-13 and you'll love it.

Question: Are photos allowed? Answer: Of Course! Take photos of your injury and post out on YayaHealth and share your gruesome story and health porn pic, with us. Every story shared helps another. This is social media where you can actually learn about health thru shared experiences.

Question: How private is this site? Answer: Users log in with a fully anonymous username of their choice and can even enter in an "unverified email" if they so choose. This makes it very hard to track a real identity but not impossible.

Question: How does this site benefit health and wellness? Answer: Users anonymously share their own health experiences and with that comes knowledge. People helping people.

Question: Does YayaHealth.com accept affiliate link advertising? Answer: Yes. You can post 1 Amazon Health product for free that you use, recommend, and fully endorse.

Question: What if someone asks for my real identity? Answer: Do not share any real identity information on this site. No real names are to be used or shared. Keep it all anonymous!

Question: How do I change my username? Answer: Usernames can be changed in 'Settings' from the main dashboard

Question: I don't see the Health Topic I want, how do I create one? Answer: Go to My Health topics and in the upper right, click Create.

Question: How do I change my health story? Answer: My health story can be changed in 'Settings' from the main dashboard

Question: What if a user is posting objectionable material or material you prefer not to see? Answer: Dislike their posts, comment on why, and block that user