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Scholarly Behavioral Experiment Social Media knowledge sharing site YayaHealth where people help people with their Health. This partnership sill give away free advertising to all Health Blogs, Health Services, and Health Products for 2018. The Educational Business Social experiment forges New Health Partnerships for Insurance cost abatement and overall patient wellness

YayaHealth Social Sharing Experiment is developed based on what people “learn from experience” about healthcare. The interesting part of the website is that it is not only the place to find any information related to healthcare, but also to interact with others and anonymously share all the intimate details about health. The users are able to anonymously socialize with the other members on many common health topics and share their own health experiences. What makes the site worth it to visit is the experience of reading true stories about health and offering advice, comments, and help.

There are many health topics on the site so the members are able to choose the topic they want to know. The Health classifications is also useful to focus the discussion so the members get deeper health information based on the topic they are most interested in. The site is not only for discussion, but also for anonymously supporting each other. The members who have specific health problem and successfully overcome it can help the other members who have similar health problem. The help can be in the form of suggestion, guidance, step by step method, tips, and how to information. Even, the members are able to recommended their favorite health products or services.

There is also a non trivial Doctor consultation, data driven database that allows the members to “ask any health question to expert doctors” and get answers.. The answer to your health question is returned immediately.

In this Health behavioral social media, the members are able to do some activities such as commenting, like, or dislike specific posts. The system is developed with specific features such as topic searching box which related to health topic and drugs searching activity. All of the features are very easy to use so the members are able to find what they are looking for faster.

About was designed as a Behavioral Health social media experiment which is focused on healthcare. The members talk, discuss, and share their health story, while knowledge sharing and learning from each others health experiences.

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