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YayaHealth.com, a behavioral health social media partnership is now giving away free advertising to all Health Blogs, Health Services, and Health Products for 2018. Membership open at this time.

*** Designed to augment WebMD and other health sites, this is a behavioral Social Health Anonymous Sharing experiment of similar Health History between users. Anonymously share novel health success stories, side effects of FDA approved Rx Drugs, and clinical treatment outcomes.

People helping people directly with their Health anonymously. Behavioral analysis of participants, a Social Media Sharing experiment.

Health knowledge anonymous database is accumulated for improved clinical outcomes and wellness of all participants. Free to join.

Come join "your" YayaHealth Social Health Anonymous Sharing Community today! Be part of this important Social Health experiment. YOLO!

YayaHealth.com - A Social Sharing SUPERSITE For The Healthcare Industry. The answer to your health fears may just be as simple as visiting Yayahealth.com and asking for professional and personal services. On this social sharing platform you can get tips on fitness, health, wellness and how to live a healthier life.,
Yayahealth.com is a healthcare social sharing platform specifically built as an open forum to drive traffic to your health blogs and also let’s you advertise your health products and services. Advertising your health blog on Yayahealth.com is some great way to get regular visitors to your blog. Members of the social platform who need information on health and wellness will continuously visit your website and share your posts on other social platforms.
Search engines may bring you visitors from click ads, but visitors that you get from our social sharing platform will comment and purchase your products. It is, therefore, essential to advertise your website on our platform. Our online health social sharing platform is used by different patient groups to share advice and information. Once you sign up to become a member, you can share and help others with their health issues anonymously. Talking about your health issue can release pent-up feelings and if you think you cannot share your issues with people you know, you can share your health challenges anonymously on yayahealth.com. Build healthy relationships with people who share the same issues like you. Once you do this you will look at the problem in a new or different way or see the situation more clearly. Issues such as • Mental health • Pregnancy • Family issues • Schooling and careers • Alcohol and other drugs • Abuse (including physical, sexual or emotional abuse) are discussed on our social sharing platform On Yayahealth.com Patients can manage their health conditions by discussing treatments with patients who have similar conditions. These meaningful discussions can address patients’ questions, concerns and interests in real time.