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Using this Social Media interactive Behavioral Health Platform does not mean you shouldn't seek out a professional health doctor or other professional advice. The social content on this site may be provided by others who have gone through a similar experience but there's no guarantee it is helpful nor accurate. Weigh and balance your options, always seek professional advice, and make the personal Health decision that is right for you. This is simply an open, anonymous, peer sharing repository that seeks to offer some personal health value to those seeking.

The content on this site is not scrutinized for accuracy, rather it is self policing, where other users can either like or dislike advice given. We simply provide an open sharing platform for discussion. Again, it is very important to always seek professional advice.

Also, we hope your anonymous privacy is always maintained and encourage everyone to never divulge real names, phone numbers or other identifying information. But, you must understand that someone with technical knowledge or malicious intent may be able to identify who you are. Always exclude identifying information from your posts and always strive to be respectful, kind, and helpful as a user of this site.

Please read more of our polices below.
• YayaHealth.com has many users on their social network, this does not mean that we are endorsing their products or services.
• From time to time we may share items or talk about products or services we think are interesting. This does not mean we are agreeing or supporting a point of view or endorsing a product or service. And we can never guarantee the accuracy of any content posted on YayaHealth.com. YayaHealth.com as designed, is simply an open platform for users to share Health information that others may or may not find useful.
• If you are not able to access or use the YayaHealth.com social media site or linked websites, while we do our best to fix any problems, we are not legally responsible for any problems this causes.
• We really want to create open, respectful communication within our social media network. You can and should mark any content with a “dislike” should you find it offensive or inaccurate. Also, you are encouraged to actively block all users that submit content that you dislike. We can never guarantee the suitability of any content posted on YayaHealth.com.
• We love the fact that our online communities proactively share information, however, you agree to only share content if it contains no real names or other identifying information. Users are to keep everything anonymous.
• At YayaHealth.com, you are strictly prohibited from any and all activities that seek to uncover another user’s real identity. Keep everything anonymous when posting and submitting content.
• We’re happy for you to submit content and comment on content that is posted. But, please be aware that the design and content that is posted is the copyright of YayaHealth.com and our rights are reserved. All trademarks, company names, logos and designs used on our official social media profiles are the intellectual property of YayaHealth.com.
• All users are to pick an “anonymous user name”, and it is not permitted to ask for identifying information from any user. In addition, you agree that all the content that you post on YayaHealth.com will not contain any real names nor identifying information about yourself or other users.
• Users are to select a “Private email” that at the very least is under their full control and one that they use for their own pleasure and is not shared nor monitored by anyone else at all. The email users decide to use is at their own discretion.
• We are not responsible for any content you submit. Content can be lost or deleted at anytime due to many reasons, technical and/or other.
• We may monitor and record comments and conversations to help improve products and services.
• We may block users at any time for any reason at our sole discretion. Be kind to one another.

Practical ways to help us build quality, respectful online communities

We want to make sure our online communities are open, respectful and valuable spaces where everyone’s voice can be heard. To help us do this, we ask that when participating on our YayaHealth.com social media site, you agree not to:

• copy, download, transfer, modify, or otherwise use or commercially exploit the content or any part, of this website, without our prior permission. And, do not share passwords with others.
• use these online spaces for illegal purposes or to breach any laws
• upload or transmit through this site any computer viruses or material that is defamatory, offensive or obscene • harass, cause distress or inconvenience to, or infringe the rights of, another person
• try to access to administrator areas, features or functions of these profiles without authorization
• access our user profiles or content on them in any way not permitted by these terms.

We want to cultivate public dialogue with our fans and followers and encourage you to share your content with us, however, if individuals break these rules, we will, if appropriate, suspend, terminate or change the conditions of their access.

There are also some occasions where we might change or withdraw, temporarily or permanently, all or part of our social media content. Please bear with us if we do this – we’re constantly working to improve our online communities and make them as beneficial as possible.